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Fiction Novel
iving a life of grandeur comes at a cost.  At the blink of an eye, our lives can be turned upside down, especially when we do not always make the right life decisions.  Putting our pride and ego aside can help prevent us from engaging in activities that negatively reinforce and temporarily feed our feelings and emotions.  From triumph to tragedy, we learn the hard way that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  Our decisions can create a domino effect that impacts not only us individually, but everyone around us as well.  The fiction novel, Ardent Grandeur, provokes critical thinking and introspection of decision making.  It is a book that is available as an E-Book as well as a hard copy paperback book available on, and most online book retailers Purchase the book and leave a review after you read it to discuss your thoughts.

Bryce Grandeur's life will take you on a whirlwind, chapter after chapter, so get ready for this thrilling, jaw-dropping, suspenseful, romantic tragedy to unfold right before your eyes.

D. Smith


It was Captivating, I had to read it again!

D. Clement

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The self-help book, Cheaters Never Win: How to Stop Cheating in Any Relationship or Never Start, is a fiction novel that helps to uncover the "Why" of behaviors in
 an effort to determine why we make certain life decisions, and how to make better life decisions. It is a great book for people who wrestle with temptation, those who have cheated in a relationship, as well as those who have been cheated on.   The book Ardent Grandeur is a great supplement to this book, because it helps to "paint the picture," of the aftermath that results from poor decision making.

This self-help book is available as a Paperback Book available at,,, & 

Both an urgent warning and a holistic encouragement for preservation of the web of life and relationships around us by evaluating the prevelence of extramarital activity, its common draws, and how we might best work on ourselves to find out what we need to become stronger and happier spiritually, relationally. and interpersonally. Though this is only eighty pages, its the richest and to the heart treatment of the subject that I have ever read. Thank You Ms. Lynnette Clement, Ed.M. for this wise, non-judgmental and impactful call that marries traditional christian wisdom to lived experience, community concern and qualified guidance.

M. Miller


The book challenges you to evaluate how you treat others and why.  It is Not always easy to swallow the raw truth, at times, but I recommend that everyone reads it, because making better decisions doesn't only apply to cheating.  It's not that she is telling you what to do to control you, what she does is provides you with very good information and what you do with that information is up to you.  Awesome book!

T. Ross


This self-help book serves as a guide to help you understand the grieving process, how to cope with grief and loss in a healthy way, how to explain the process to children, how to get to your healing and stay there, and so much more.

If you have a difficult time coping with grief and loss, purchase my self-help book, Coping With Grief: Your Happiness Is In Your Healing available at,,,

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Ardent Grandeur Book Cover USE.jpg
Coping with Grief Front Book Cover Final.jpg
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